Ophthalmic Supplies & Equipment

As the pandemic hit the nation, Aurolab took charge of manufacturing personal protective equipment especially for use in ophthalmic settings as well as UV decontaminator for masks. It put together a safety kit comprising  face shields, antiseptic solution and a slit lamp shield for free distribution to ophthalmologists across Tamil Nadu; Over 2,800 such kits were delivered.

Aurolab manufactures 200 products across 12 medical specialities. The products are exported to over 160 countries.

New products

Aurovue Vivid

Pre-loaded injector cartridge

Aurovue Vivid: Designed to provide excellent visual acuity for far and intermediate vision, and reasonably good near vision
Slippery coating for preloaded injector cartridges: To ensure smooth delivery of IOLs into the patient’s eye

Building management system

To effectively monitor and manage environmental conditions, thereby ensuring cleanliness and an ideal atmosphere for the manufacturing of drugs.

Towards a million happy eyes

A campaign launched in January 2021 to commemorate the occasion of Aurovue IOLs crossing one million implants world-wide. More than 30 million eyes now see through Aurolab IOLs.